Monday, June 1, 2009

Beginning of the Fast for Solidarity

Live from Old South: Georgia Mattison of PPUF talked about how frustrated she was to learn there were resources available to assist hungry people through an expansion of the Food Stamp program but no resources to admininster the application process! When she talked with Kip about it, Kip responed by initiating the idea of holding a fast to highlight this problem.

The Notifiers, a singing group from Brookline High School, sang a rousing 'Stand By Me' and 'We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest'.
Rev. Nancy Taylor of Old South Church opened the Fast with a Prayer written by Father Michael Quoist called "Hunger." I have eaten. I have eaten too much, I have eaten because others did. Because I was invited, Because I was in the world and the world would not have understood: And each dish, each mouthful, each swallow was hard to get down. I have eaten too much, Lord, when ten, a hundred, a thousand unfortunates though out the world at that very moment twisted in pain and died of hunger before their despairing families.
Ann Withorn, professor of social policy at UMASS Boston.... comments not exact words...
We can't talk about the middle class if we can't talk about poverty.
Poverty makes people scared then we see an increase in violence at home and on the streets.
It's the over privileged we need to worry about- not the underprivileged.
Thank you Kip for bringing us together to stand up for the things we care about.

Beginning the three-day fast


Nancy Taylor, pastor of Old South Church, opened the three-day fast by saying, "We surround Kip, who's fasting for the poor and hungry- those who are hungry who have been humiliated by the decisions that have been made about our common dollars."

Marjorie Clapprood followed Kip and spoke about the history of her family's struggle to make it --- day by day.

Don Wells talked about renewing our moral center, and thanked Kip for being our guide over so many years.

Mark Harvey and part of his band AARDVARK contributed the spirit of music to this communal meditation.