Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good things can never last long...

Blogged on August 13, 2013 approx. 11:23AM by Mr. Simon Maloy of Media Matters For America ( “Fox News ‘Reports’ on SNAP: Binging, Losers, And ‘Too Much Food’”

Fox News, a Republican owned and Conservative News Television Station, conducts a “special investigation” on the SNAP Program; slang term, “Food Stamps.”

“'Shouldn't there be at least some stigma?’ Baier asked, referring to people who accept SNAP benefits. Baier's just-asking-questions lament about the lack of stigmatization was all part of Fox News' slipshod and flagrant piece of agitprop intended to shame the needy and promote public resentment of the government safety net.”

They go on to introducing their example of a stigma; a guy in California abusing the SNAP benefits. They specify where the man resides in California. I would deem that information important because I would believe the circumstance if he was living in Oakland versus Orange County would be significantly different. I would think California altogether is a different circumstance in general because of the state’s cost of living etc. Anyhow, the man that they investigate is a musician who refuses to work and allegedly only buys sushi and lobsters with his food stamp money. I don’t know about you guys but lobster isn’t cheap! I recall Surf & Turf being the MOST experience thing on a restaurant menu. 

“According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "fewer than 2 percent of SNAP benefits are issued to households that do not meet all of the program's eligibility requirements." The USDA estimates that just one cent of every dollar of SNAP benefits is lost to "trafficking," a type of fraud. "About three out of four SNAP households included a child, a person age 60 or older, or a disabled person," per the Congressional Budget Office.”

I will attach the link so that you can continue to read this post. I know no one’s personal situation, however, I do know some families that receive food stamps in addition to cash benefits, especially when I worked at 2 congregated homeless shelters. It is a never ending battle on whether or not the SNAP Program is truly designed to help those in need or whether it’s a way for people to scam the government and abuse. What are your thoughts, concerns or comments?

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