Friday, January 16, 2015

Nearly since its founding Poor People's United Fund has been sheltered by the generosity of Old South Church. We have always been proud to be a part of this historic revolutionary community. We are proud yet again!
In response to the abrupt closing of the Long Island Bridge, and the consequent uprooting and evictions of over 700 homeless persons from Long Island’s shelters and services, Old South has had a bold and compassionate response to a dire situation.  This Sanctuary in the City will offer refuge to Boston’s most vulnerable.

On Monday morning, January 19, beginning at 9:00 am, Old South Church will become the site of the new BOSTON WARM DAY CENTER. This is a temporary day center, operating through March 31, 2015. By April, the City of Boston expects to have created sufficient beds, recovery programs, and storage to finally accommodate the Long Island Refugees, bringing them all in from the cold.

The Boston Warm Day Center will operate Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. It will be located in the church's Club Room. A large adjoining storage room will provide a secure place for people’s personal belongings. This will be an enormous help. People have had to carry their belongings with them day and night. People who had jobs were unable to go to them because they had no where to store their stuff.

The Boston Warm Day Center is the labor of Religious Leaders for Long Island Refugees. For months we have been worrying over and advocating on behalf of the increasingly dire plight of the Long Island Refugees. Many of them have been struggling to make it day to day under inhumane and deplorable circumstances. While the City of Boston has been focused on a long-term solution, our most vulnerable sisters and brothers have suffered in these coldest and harshest of times.

Yes permanent housing is the solution to homelessness.  But protecting people from harm until we get there is absolutely necessary. Thank you Old South! Kippy would be proud.